The License Agreement for AVL SDK for Mobile

Thanks for your choice and use of AVL SDK for Mobile!

The Licence Agreement for AVL SDK for Mobile (hereinafter referred to as The Agreement) constitutes the legal agreement between licensees (you) and AVL Mobile Security Team (hereinafter referred to as AVL Team), hence please read seriously all terms so as to comprehend all rights and obligations. You are not authorized to use AVL SDK and its service unless all terms within The Agreement have been read and accepted. It is deemed that you agree with The Agreement and accept all terms hereinto once you start using AVL SDK for Mobile (hereinafter referred to as AVL SDK) through MIUI. If you are under eighteen years old, please read The Agreement accompanied by legal guardians.

1、Ranges of Licensing

The service hereinafter refers to the malicious code detection service implemented by AVL SDK offered by AVL Team through softwares installed in including but not limited to mobile terminals. AVL Team authorizes you the license of non-captive, non-transferrable, and non-reversible usage of the service.

2、 Statement of Rights

A、All intellectual property rights and all the information both within and related to the service, including but not limited to relative data, are owned by AVL Team and are protected by Copyright Law, International Copyright Treaties, and other laws and regulations of intellectual property.

B、All other rights not licensed expressly within The Agreement are still owned by AVL Team and users are required to be licensed in written form when using other rights hereinbefore.

3、Limitations of Licensing

Once deciding your conduct or attempt of any of the following acts, AVL Team reserves the right to terminal The Agreement and your authority of usage of the service:

A、Obtaining source code by way of reserve-enginerring, disassembling, decompiling and altering any resource compiled within the internal program, except in cases of expressly prohibition of this term within applied laws;

B、Tracking or monitoring any personal locations or activities by any way of using the service with no expressly agreement and permission;

C、Copying, selling, reselling of AVL SDK for any commercial object;

D、Communicating any information of illegal, false, harassing, libelous, menacing, harmful, defiant, violating national security or confidential matters.

4、 Privacy Policy

It is a basic principle for AVL Team to protect users' privacy. AVL Team realizes profoundly the importance of personal privacy, hence all data collected by AVL SDK only include the information related to the service, the information of possible malicious program samples, and the diagnostic information of system, instead of your personal information. All the information hereinbefore are collected for confirming sources of problems so as to improve AVL SDK and to optimize the service. The collecting range of all the information hereinabove is based on limited technological capabilities of AVL Team though; AVL Team will recognize and collect data to the best of the abilities. You have been advised all details hereinabove clearly and definitely, agree and accept operations of AVL Team and are willing to bear on all possible losses caused by operations.

5、Terms of Disclaimer

A、Users confirm to comprehend all functions of the service of AVL SDK and all necessary operations offered by AVL Team for the service, to choose and use AVL SDK and its service voluntarily, and to bear on all risks and consequences by using the service. AVL Team holds no liability for all hereinabove.

B、AVL Team holds no liability for damages and risks caused by either using or not using the service within the largest range of applied laws, including but not limited to direct or indirect personal damages, losses of commercial benefits, interruption of trade, missing of business information and other economic losses.

C、AVL Team holds no liability for damages caused by force majeure such as the breakdown of telecommunication system or the Internet, computer failures or viruses, information damages or losses, and so forth.

D、AVL Team reserves the right to implement on the following actions including but not limited to suspension of usage license, terminal of service, limitation of usage, and legal actions if users violate The Agreement and cause damages and losses for AVL Team.

6、Applied Laws and Dispute Settlement

A、The Agreement is protected by laws in China, copyright laws in other countries, international covenant, and other applied laws in the countries or districts using the service.

B、Any dispute caused by or related to The Agreement should be negotiated and settled by each party friendly; otherwise the disputes should be submitted by each party to and arbitrated by the local arbitration committee of AVL Team on the occasion of valid arbitration regulations. The arbitration award is final and binding on both parties.

7、Other Terms

A、Any term within The Agreement which is completely or partly invalid or legally non-enforceable for any reason, or in violation of any applied laws, should be redeemed as deleted; in the meantime all other terms should remain valid and enforceable.

B、AVL Team reserves the right of amending The Agreement on the occasion of changes of laws and regulations, adjustment of the company's business status and operation strategies. The amended agreement will be announced and attached into AVL SDK. Any dispute should refer to the most updated version of The Agreement. Users can terminate the usage of AVL SDK and its service voluntarily if disagree with the amended agreement. The continuous usage of AVL SDK and its service by users is redeemed as users' acceptance for the amended agreement.

C、AVL Team reserves the right of final explanation and amendment within the largest sphere of permitted by law.

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